Monday, June 4, 2012

The 14 Key Stair lifts Facts

Stair Chair Installations

  1. Installation of a stair chairs are usually more than the average family would want to handle themselves. They are many reasons why stair chairs are something you may want a local dealer to install.
  2. When lift is installed the trip switches tend to be the most problematic part. Great care is required.
  3. Trip switches are easy to damage during installation regardless of the manufacturer or model.
  4. The footplate hitting the stairs and activating a stop switch can be common if the lift is not installed properly.
  5. Most manufacturers boast that their drive system is better than others. In actual fact, most stair chair systems are comparable in dureability. Rack and pinion, cable and chain are common.
  6. Rack and pinion manufacturers are critical about other stair chair lift drive systems yet most elevators run on cable or chain systems.
  7. Tracks require proper alignment to assure the stairway lift does not stop when no one technical is close by.
  8. It is common for most stair chair models to be serviced each year to avoid break downs.
  9. If a family member is not local or available within an hours notice then a local installer is extremely important.
  10. Solutions can be found through information about handicapped stair lifts to assist in establishing a solution to those with a physical disability. Home stairways present mobility and accessibility barriers. This is especially true for electric scooters and wheelchair users.

Stair Chair Service Issues

  1. Serviced every six months or as per the manufacturers instructions.
  2. Most manufacturers will void the warranty if units are not serviced by an approved dealer.
  3. Service usually requires the unit to be dismantled to some extent requiring some expertise.
  4. When a home lift does not work...usually...some wiring expertise is necessary regardless of the model.

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