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Stair Lift Reviews

What stair lift factors need to be considered in reviewing stair lifts? Stair Lift Cost - The cost for a stair lift is a big factor. However, for the past number of years, the cost of a stair lift has been quite stable. Prices range for a straight stair lift from about $1700 for a do-it-yourself model to about $3500 for a deluxe model installed.
Stair Lift Reliability - Most stair lift manufacturers will not honor the warranty unless their products are installed by a trained dealer. If you are considered a self installed stair lift then you will have to make sure that the manufacturer warranty is in place for the model you are considering..

Length of Time on the Market - If a stair lift model has been recently launched by the manufacturer, it would be best to consider this factor and select a stair lift model that has been on the market for at least two years. It is common for new stair lift models to take about 18 months to get the kinks out. It is common for a new model to undergo numerous tweaks in the first 18 months.

Cable, Rack and Pinnon or Other Drive System -
There are manufacturers and dealers that are extremely negative on cable drive systems. This does not make sense for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that your common elevator in a mall, office building or institution is driven by cables. Rack and pinnon does require lubrication and can be some noise issues. Bottom line is that both systems are fine and one does not have a distinct advantage over the other. If a dealer is bad mouthing a drive system, it is usually because they have a hidden agenda.

Local Installation - It is clearly an advantage to use a local stair lift installation company to install your stair lift. Having said that, if you are in a rural area or are a do it yourself type person, then there is nothing wrong with considering a self installed stair lift. .

The following stair lift chart is a summary of stair lift review feedback from hundreds of stair lift clients..

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  1. Comparing prices will help you a lot in order to find the best stairway lifts. You should buy according to your budget.


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