Thursday, May 5, 2016

External Stairlift in Manchester 2016

External Stairlift in Manchester

Another outdoor stairlift successfully installed by Dolphin Lifts:

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heavy Duty Stairlifts Or Bariatric Stairlifts, How They Are Different

Heavy Duty Stairlifts Or Bariatric Stairlifts, How They Are Different 

Heavy duty stairlifts or bariatric stairlifts are designed to carry a person up to 500 lbs. heavy, thus the name heavy duty stairlifts or also bariatric stairlifts.

You will find here some important differences between heavy duty bariatric stairlifts and regular duty stairlifts, in terms of design.

Compared to the alternative solutions such as through-the-floor-elevators, bariatric stairlifts are still considered the most economic alternative.

Point 1, The Enforced Construction Of Heavy Duty Bariatric Stairlifts

From the electric engine, to the rails, seats, and other components, they must all be made stronger and larger in bariatric stairlifts.

Point 2, Why Some Bariatric Stair Lifts Will Have You Look Down During The Ride

While a standard stairlift will have you face sidewise during the ride, many bariatric stairlifts will have you face down the stairs. This is to minimize the forces on the rail.

How so? Well, when you sit facing down, you will be sitting right above the rail, and there will be no net force either to the left or to the right, trying to twist the rail.

Point 3, Getting Off Using The 180 Degree Swivel Chair

The 180 degree swivel chair is designed to make it easy to get off the stairlift at the upper station. The swivel chair will simply turn you from the position facing down, to the position facing up, where you will easily be able to get of the chair.

Where To Look For Heavy Duty Bariatric Stairlifts?

Just a few years ago you would have to call manufacturers or dealers to see if they carry bariatric, heavy duty stairlifts. Today, they are just one click away available on Amazon.


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Stairlift Battery

If you are having a light show or an incessant beeping from your Stannah stairlift, then you are in the right place. We will talk about Stannah 420 straight stairlift battery.
But first, just take it easy, all the commotion could be simply coming from the used up batteries.
The Life Time Of The Stannah Stairlift Battery
After just 3-5 years or so, with constant charge depletion and recharging, like any other battery, the Stannah stairlift battery will gradually lose its charge and eventually stop providing sufficiently high voltage for normal stairlift operation.
Like an electric car, both the power and the controls of the stairlift are powered by the stairlift battery. When the battery becomes old and used up, its voltage drops. When this happens, the control instruments become unreliable, as does the drive mechanism.
The Many Weird Things That Could Go Wrong With Stannah 420 Stairlift And How To Troubleshoot
It could be that your Stannah suddenly refuses to move up or down the stairs. It could hesitate and resume motion. The dashboard could start showing unusual characters, blinking. The Stannah could start beeping incessantly.
Many of these symptoms could be due to a worn-out battery. How long has it been since you last replaced the stairlift battery? If the battery was replaced recently, the battery charger could be at fault too.
Buying The Stannah Stairlift Battery
You will likely be buying Stannah stailift batteries from a dealer unless you live in NYC or Boston where Stannah has their outlets in the USA. You will currently find no offers of stairlift batteries on Ebay at all.
It will not be difficult in most areas to find certified Stannah suppliers through classified ads, or through the online ads for stairlifts.
Battery For Stannah Stair Glide Installation
The battery should come with usable and detailed direction on battery replacement. If you feel insecure, you could call the stairlift maintenance person to replace the battery for you.
Should you replace the stairlift battery already?
Yes, the replacement batteries will cost you a pretty penny regardless of where you get them from. However, just keep in mind how much riding safely from floor to floor is worth to you.
Flexibility and mobility probably mean a lot to you, and this should make the battery expense every few years look small in comparison.
You can find more information on Stannah Stairlifts dealers on this page Stairlift Battery .
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Is It Hard to Install a Stair Lift?

Is It Hard to Install a Stair Lift?

If you are considering installing a stair lift in your home, you may have a lot of concerns, particularly regarding the time required to install it. This invaluable accessibility device that allows folks with mobility problems to access stairs is fairly easy to set up and ideally done a skilled professional.
A stair lift reviews a stream-lined and easy to install. You can find models that can be attached to straight, spiral or curved stairs. The initial step is installing the seat arm of the lift with the needed push buttons, automated stop and release.
The following step is to connect the track to the staircase. Since there is typically no builder-associated work required, these stairlifts can usually be put in place in just two to four hours. Nevertheless, the time used for setup will vary.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

The 14 Key Stair lifts Facts

Stair Chair Installations

  1. Installation of a stair chairs are usually more than the average family would want to handle themselves. They are many reasons why stair chairs are something you may want a local dealer to install.
  2. When lift is installed the trip switches tend to be the most problematic part. Great care is required.
  3. Trip switches are easy to damage during installation regardless of the manufacturer or model.
  4. The footplate hitting the stairs and activating a stop switch can be common if the lift is not installed properly.
  5. Most manufacturers boast that their drive system is better than others. In actual fact, most stair chair systems are comparable in dureability. Rack and pinion, cable and chain are common.
  6. Rack and pinion manufacturers are critical about other stair chair lift drive systems yet most elevators run on cable or chain systems.
  7. Tracks require proper alignment to assure the stairway lift does not stop when no one technical is close by.
  8. It is common for most stair chair models to be serviced each year to avoid break downs.
  9. If a family member is not local or available within an hours notice then a local installer is extremely important.
  10. Solutions can be found through information about handicapped stair lifts to assist in establishing a solution to those with a physical disability. Home stairways present mobility and accessibility barriers. This is especially true for electric scooters and wheelchair users.

Stair Chair Service Issues

  1. Serviced every six months or as per the manufacturers instructions.
  2. Most manufacturers will void the warranty if units are not serviced by an approved dealer.
  3. Service usually requires the unit to be dismantled to some extent requiring some expertise.
  4. When a home lift does not work...usually...some wiring expertise is necessary regardless of the model.
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stair lift reviews prices

Stair Lift Reviews

What stair lift factors need to be considered in reviewing stair lifts? Stair Lift Cost - The cost for a stair lift is a big factor. However, for the past number of years, the cost of a stair lift has been quite stable. Prices range for a straight stair lift from about $1700 for a do-it-yourself model to about $3500 for a deluxe model installed.
Stair Lift Reliability - Most stair lift manufacturers will not honor the warranty unless their products are installed by a trained dealer. If you are considered a self installed stair lift then you will have to make sure that the manufacturer warranty is in place for the model you are considering..

Length of Time on the Market - If a stair lift model has been recently launched by the manufacturer, it would be best to consider this factor and select a stair lift model that has been on the market for at least two years. It is common for new stair lift models to take about 18 months to get the kinks out. It is common for a new model to undergo numerous tweaks in the first 18 months.

Cable, Rack and Pinnon or Other Drive System -
There are manufacturers and dealers that are extremely negative on cable drive systems. This does not make sense for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that your common elevator in a mall, office building or institution is driven by cables. Rack and pinnon does require lubrication and can be some noise issues. Bottom line is that both systems are fine and one does not have a distinct advantage over the other. If a dealer is bad mouthing a drive system, it is usually because they have a hidden agenda.

Local Installation - It is clearly an advantage to use a local stair lift installation company to install your stair lift. Having said that, if you are in a rural area or are a do it yourself type person, then there is nothing wrong with considering a self installed stair lift. .

The following stair lift chart is a summary of stair lift review feedback from hundreds of stair lift clients..
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stairway chair lifts

stairway chair lifts

stairway chair lifts
stairway chair lifts
stairway chair lifts , Stairway chairlifts are convenient accessibility equipment that enables seniors to negotiate stairways safely and comfortably. Stairway chairlifts for seniors help elderly individuals to enjoy a dynamic and independent life.

Enables Easy Indoor and Outdoor Access
Stairway chairlifts suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes are available. The outdoor models of stair chairlifts are designed in such a way as to withstand the extreme exterior weather conditions. Besides, stair chairlift models which are appropriate for straight and curved stairways are also available. Therefore this accessibility equipment can be installed without making structural modifications to your stairway.
stairway chair lifts
stairway chair lifts
Ensured with Safety and Ease of Operation
To provide seniors with smooth transportation to the different floors, stairway chairlifts are provided with outstanding safety features. These include swivel seat, seat belts, folding arms, padded armrest and safety brakes. Stairway chairlifts are also provided with obstruction sensors, which detect the obstacles on its moving path. The obstruction sensor stops the lift automatically when it encounters an obstacle. This prevents the user from getting injured and the lift from getting damaged. Stair chairlifts are also built with folding facility. This enables the user to keep the lift folded when it is not in use. This leaves the stairways free for other users.
stairway chair lifts
stairway chair lifts
Another significant point is that these chairlift models can be operated using AC and DC power. The DC model stair lifts are built with battery backup feature and therefore the lifts can be used even during power breakdowns. When compared with the AC model, DC models are far more expensive. In addition, the wall panels and other elements of the different models can be customized according to your needs.
Moreover, stair chairlifts are also provided with handheld button controls, remote and joystick controls. This enables ease of operation for seniors with restricted hand mobility.
stairway chair lifts
stairway chair lifts
The Right product makes the Difference
When purchasing stairway chairlifts for seniors, it is essential to choose the right model. Make an evaluation of your requirements, the amount of disability of the intended user and the budget limitations. At present reliable models are offered by different manufacturers. It would be ideal if you can collect some knowledge about the available models, integrated technologies and their price ranges. This will help you to choose the perfect model that suits your requirements and budget. The leading manufacturers who are offering consistent stairway chairlifts with warranty include ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno and Savaria Concord.
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stairlift manufacturers

stairlift manufacturers

stairlift manufacturers
stairlift manufacturers
stairlift manufacturers , When you have decided to improve access for everyone in your house to the upper areas, and your stairs are nothing but straight, you will need to look into curved stair lift manufacturers.

In the past, stair lifts were for kings only (Henry the Eighth is credited with commissioning the first, manually driven stairlift), and not too long ago curved stair lifts were extremely expensive. Times are changing, though, and today, installing a curved stairlift is a viable alternative to many households. Alternative to moving out of the house, or having the upper quarters become a ghost town due to no traffic!
The manufacturing process of a curved rail has been dramatically simplified by CAD, computer aided design, and CAM, computer aided manufacturing. So while, yes, all curved stairlifts are custom made and fitted to your specific requirements, the process does not require as much time and labor as it used to.
stairlift manufacturers
stairlift manufacturers
Additionally, a recent invention of a modular curved rail has reduced the prices even further. Simply imagine creating a solid, sturdy curved stairlift rail to be as easy as connecting a series of LEGO bricks together. Real simple.
The top companies in the world are taking advantage of the computers in the manufacturing and design process and are creating fantastically usable, modular stairlifts that will make your home completely accessible in a week or two, and will cost much less than the cost of house remodeling, or the cost of moving to another house.
stairlift manufacturers
stairlift manufacturers
The top three stair lift manufacturers of curved stairlifts today are TK Access, Acorn, and Bruno. Let’s go over each one of them in more detail.
TK Access
TK Access is the US arm of Bankruptcy AG, based in Germany. TK Access today is the largest manufacturer of stairlifts in the world. Their top curved stairlift product is named TK Access Flow II, although they still produce the 60-year old original curved stairlift named “TK Access Stair-Glide”.
Acorn Stairlift
Acorn’s curved stair lift is called Acorn 80 Super glide. Acorn is the largest seller of stairlifts in the USA.
Bruno is a Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA family-owned company that has been in business for over 25 years. Their flagship curved rail stair lift is named Electra-Ride III.
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stairway lift

 stairway lift

stairway lift
stairway lift
stairway lift , Stairway chairlifts for the handicapped are meant to give them more independence and help them lead a healthy and dynamic lifestyle. These devices can be installed both in residences and commercial buildings.

Incorporated with Top Quality Security Features
The different models of stairway chairlifts are provided with superior safety measures. These include swivel seat, safety brakes, folding arms, padded armrests and seatbelts. The obstruction sensors provided in these stair lifts detect the obstructions on its moving path. It stops the lift automatically when an obstacle is encountered. This further reduces the chances of the user getting injured and the lift getting damaged. These stairlift models are also provided with space saving features. The folding facility enables the user to keep the lift folded when not in use. This enables other users to access the stairways more conveniently.
stairway lift
stairway lift

stairway lift

The stair chairlifts are also provided with handheld button controls, joystick and remote controls. This enables effortless operation by those individuals with restricted hand mobility. In addition, stairway lift models which can be operated using AC and DC power are available. The DC models are designed with battery backups and therefore can be operated even during power failures. The DC models are therefore far more expensive than the AC models. Further, the wall panels and other elements of these equipments can be customized according to your requirements.
stairway lift
stairway lift
Installation without Altering the Stairway
The main advantage of using stairway chairlifts is that it avoids the risks involved in climbing the stairs. It is an affordable and reliable accessibility equipment. Apart from the indoor models, outdoor models of stair lifts are also available. The handicap outdoor stair lift models are designed in such a way as to withstand all the exterior weather conditions. Stairway chairlifts suitable for straight and curved staircases are also obtainable. Therefore installation can be carried out without making structural alterations to your stairway.
Make a Careful Selection
While planning to purchase stairway chairlifts for the handicapped, choosing a suitable model is very significant. At present a range of stair lift models from different manufacturers is available. It is therefore essential to make a comparison of the incorporated technology and their price ranges. Renowned manufacturers offering superior products with warranty include ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Bruno.
By using this mobility equipment, the physically disabled can conveniently access the different floors of their homes without depending on others.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

stairlifts Sales Tips and Advice

 Sales Tips and Advice
• Do not pay for a quotation.
• Always get more than one quote.
• Ask your local authority who they use.
• Try a manufacturer and a local supplier to get a comparison.
• When you telephone ask questions, ask for an approximate price and write it down.
• Remember if you buy from the newspaper, it will be you paying for the advert.
• Some companies trade using more than one name and advertise on the same page of a
newspaper as if they have no connection.
• If possible have another family member or an O/T present.
• Ask plenty of questions about the product, take brochures and read them, know what
you’re buying.
• Compare features, prioritise what is most important.
• An independent supplier can tell you about a range of different lifts.
• Ask about maintenance costs, will they still look after your lift even if you don’t sign up to an
expensive contract?
• A reputable firm will always maintain your lift.
• Who will look after your lift if it breaks down?
• How many service branches do they have?
• How many engineers do they have in your area?
• Are you paying too much? Many salesmen start with a high price and discount to close a
sale. A reputable company will quote the best price from the start. Do not feel pressurised
into signing up on the day. This is a sure sign that the salesman is hiding something from you.
• Don’t believe special offers, which only apply if you buy now.
• Cheapest is not the best if there is no after sales care.
• Most expensive does not necessarily mean that it is the best product, or the best service.
• Make sure that they are able to supply spare parts, are they approved distributors for the lift
they are selling?
• Ask about warranty terms and conditions, all lifts should have 12 months warranty, you may
have to pay extra if you want 24 hour call out cover.
• What are their response times?
• Very few suppliers do actually provide same day service.
• If you are buying a straight stairlift you should not have to part with a large deposit, if any at all.
• If you do have to give a deposit, ask for their cancellation policy in writing.
• Compare quotations, are they like for like?
• Whilst we don’t recommend the practice of re-manufacturing curved stairlift rails it is possible
to use the chair or motor carriage again.
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