Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stairlift Battery

If you are having a light show or an incessant beeping from your Stannah stairlift, then you are in the right place. We will talk about Stannah 420 straight stairlift battery.
But first, just take it easy, all the commotion could be simply coming from the used up batteries.
The Life Time Of The Stannah Stairlift Battery
After just 3-5 years or so, with constant charge depletion and recharging, like any other battery, the Stannah stairlift battery will gradually lose its charge and eventually stop providing sufficiently high voltage for normal stairlift operation.
Like an electric car, both the power and the controls of the stairlift are powered by the stairlift battery. When the battery becomes old and used up, its voltage drops. When this happens, the control instruments become unreliable, as does the drive mechanism.
The Many Weird Things That Could Go Wrong With Stannah 420 Stairlift And How To Troubleshoot
It could be that your Stannah suddenly refuses to move up or down the stairs. It could hesitate and resume motion. The dashboard could start showing unusual characters, blinking. The Stannah could start beeping incessantly.
Many of these symptoms could be due to a worn-out battery. How long has it been since you last replaced the stairlift battery? If the battery was replaced recently, the battery charger could be at fault too.
Buying The Stannah Stairlift Battery
You will likely be buying Stannah stailift batteries from a dealer unless you live in NYC or Boston where Stannah has their outlets in the USA. You will currently find no offers of stairlift batteries on Ebay at all.
It will not be difficult in most areas to find certified Stannah suppliers through classified ads, or through the online ads for stairlifts.
Battery For Stannah Stair Glide Installation
The battery should come with usable and detailed direction on battery replacement. If you feel insecure, you could call the stairlift maintenance person to replace the battery for you.
Should you replace the stairlift battery already?
Yes, the replacement batteries will cost you a pretty penny regardless of where you get them from. However, just keep in mind how much riding safely from floor to floor is worth to you.
Flexibility and mobility probably mean a lot to you, and this should make the battery expense every few years look small in comparison.
You can find more information on Stannah Stairlifts dealers on this page Stairlift Battery .

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